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Augmented Reality Fashion Show

27 September 2023

There’s no doubt that augmented reality has the potential of disrupting the concept of fashion shows and its alternate futures.  If you’re a fan of augmented reality (AR) technology,  maybe it could be non webAR but we can try to show you that how augmented reality in fashion shows. In this blog article, we tried to summarize some good projects which are completed since from 2017 within the scope of Augmented Reality Fashion Show. With augmented reality fashion Show; Fashion shown in your environment with AR technology – for a more realistic context than a catwalk – requires nothing more than your mobile phone.



Doddz took fashion ambition by using augmented reality in fashion, new AR fashion line which is Fashion Show, Defy and created an augmented reality fashion show in London’s Kacheete with Snapchat’s partnership. Motto was very interesting: Fashion Show without Clothes!


Thanks to the augmented reality in fashion, visitors holds their phone up to the models and applies the clothes digitally in real-time by using AR in fashion, which creates a more immersive experience for the audience in the first ever augmented reality fashion show experience. Augmented Reality Fashion Show evolved into the launch of a digital fashion brand of its own. These digital collections generates 97% less emissions to produce and the sale of just a single Defy product provides 20 meals for a food bank in the UK. With the augmented reality fashion Show, fashion industry’s issues rather than pointing out the same problems by using digital fashion an augmented reality in fashion.


Doddz and Defy was a good but not the first example for augmented reality fashion Show. In India at July 2017, Xenium Digital and Magnum brand made a collabration to create augmented reality fashion Show by using cheetah, tiger, panther walked together with Mallaika Arrora and Bipasha Basu etc.. for the “Label Life” brand.


Traditionally, AR experiences rely on pre-recorded content being superimposed into real world settings, but this project allowed a select number of users around the globe to view an AR catwalk experience live as the show was actually taking place.


Augmented reality in fashion and augmented reality fashion shows enables designers gives brands the ability to bring catwalk models into your immediate environment as an AR experience and to share their collections with a wider audience beyond the show venue.


We are happy that everybody is beginning to see augmented reality in fashion technology as the powerful communication tool. We are really excited to see how brand creatives, fashion designers and content creators will use the augmented reality in fashion technology to drive new and immersive experiences to provoke new conversations.

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