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Examples of Augmented Reality in Fashion Retail

27 September 2023

Augmented reality (AR) in the fashion industry is a bright star and AR technologies in fashion is improving the customer experience continiously for sure.


The augmented reality in fashion allows fashion brands to create and extend their customer base and product ranges, make the fashion and shopping experience more engaging, enriched, interactive and creative. Augmented Reality in fashion also supporting the Augmented Reality in e-commerce with it’s creativity to enrich with different products and creating immersive the shopping experience by allowing customers to pass the queues.


Augmented Reality in fashion supports the online customer journey and bring the 3D Modelled and animated with augmented reality software digital content into the physical surroundings of customers. Also; augmented reality in fashion allowing shoppers to experience brands in fresh and exciting ways and providing engagement with interactive digital experiences to customers. As a summary, augmented reality in fashion brings immersive shopping and entertaining experiences to their customers.


In this article, we tried to Show the best examples of augmented reality in fashion retail.


Let’s start with Burberry AR Experience. Burberry used Augmented Reality in Fashion as a customer retention and brand promotion. Named ‘In Bloom’, the collection takes inspiration from a modern mythology, Burberry is combining augmented reality in fashion with it’s highly inspirated product story. You can experience the one of the best examples of augmented reality in fashion retail by touching here from your mobile device or scanning the QR Code below:

burberry ar experience
Burberry augmented reality in fashion


After this example, Burberry created the AR-powered Google search and shopping experience by using webAR augmented reality in fasihon. Burberry offered 3D modelling of their Black TB bag and Arthur Check Sneaker to customers searching for them on the Google search with chrome browser via mobile devices. Collaborating webAR Augmented Reality technology with Google allowed Burberry to create enriched experiences without app downloading, directly through the web browser and reach more potential customers.

Let’s continue with Gucci but not with webAR augmented reality in fashion 🙂 Gucci allowed the customers to virtually try on its Ace sneakers collection by an augmented reality in fashion app. After this solution, Gucci partnered with Snapchat with augmented reality in fashion for creating a virtual trying-on experience. Gucci created a customer engagment by using augmented reality in fashion as physical experiences with digital tools

Another augmented reality examples in fashion is coming from ASOS: See My Fit Project. One of the biggest online retailers in fashion created the AR app in fashion for creating Virtual Catwalk. This was a goog example for Augmented Reality in E-commerce because like the all augmented reality in fashion examples, this Project supported the e-commerce sales. If you ask how Augmented reality in e-commerce helping app users visualize clothes on human models before ordering. You can watch how augmented reality example in fashion example by touching here:

Using Augmented Reality in fashion industry is a magical, innovative and technologic way for boosting customer loyalty and driving growth. When also integrated with Augmented Reality in fashion e-commerce, it’s totally boosting the pre-order experience and number of orders and sales.

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