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Do I Need To Download An App To View A Webar Experience?

No, you do not. WebAR does not require any 3rd party apps to function, and is immediately available using your standard smartphone camera and mobile web browser.

How Does Web AR Work?

Web AR utilises the native in-built mobile camera, web browser and processing power of the device to serve up AR content without the need for a dedicated application download from any App Store. Augmented Reality previously had a jarring barrier to entry which forced users to download an app, however using Web AR means that users just need to navigate to an experience URL in their mobile web browser to initiate the experience. Getting users to the URL can be done a variety of ways, i.e. QR Code, Link Click, NFC Chip etc.

What packaging will my order come in?

There are 3+ Billion WebAR enabled mobile devices world-wide. Most iOS and Android devices built within the last 8 will more than likely be able to view an AR experience. You can check your device’s Compatiblity from the list below:

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Augmented Fashion?

Production: Within 10 business days after the bank & trasaction confirmation. (Normal days, not including Holidays or exceptional situations.)

Cargo & Delivery: 4 days. (Normal days, not including Holidays or exceptional situations.)

For non Turkey and Lithuania orders, we will send you an information e-mail about the shipment and Cargo & delivery situations.

Is Refund Possible?

100% impossible. 9poly Fashion company produces every product as a tailor made and customised one by one. Thank you for your understanding, we never accept returns and refunds.

Also; Pursuant to the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumers, “Products that are specially produced for the person at the request of the buyer, made special by making changes or additions" cannot be returned, body exchanged or product exchanged. For this reason, please check if there are any errors in the product you have personalized and place an order.

Is Order Cancallation Possible?

You can cancel your order before it is processed, that is, while it is in the “New" position. You may not have the right to cancel your order, which is in the “Production" position, as it is now being processed. Order cancellation is done by us. To cancel, you can contact us via e-mail.

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